You will find here a selection of images of some of Orla’s designs.

Any of these pieces can be tailored to suit individual client requirements to ensure the piece is just right for you, completes your chosen outfit and is appropriate for the occasion you are attending. Available in multiple colours.

Orla Grace Millinery also provides a consultation service for bespoke headpieces.

Please reach out to discuss options or with any questions you may have.

Preferred method of contact; email or text/WhatsApp message.

Email: orlagracemillinery@gmail.com

Instagram: OrlaGraceM

Phone: 085 726 8863

The Felt Crowns

The Bead Crowns

The Leather Crowns

The Berets

Large Sinimay Headpieces

The Mini Pillbox

The Buttons

Small Felt Headpiece 

The Medium Pillbox

The Large Pillbox 

The Beaded Hair Bands 









































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